3D Manufacturing At Home

Make vs Electronic

I’ve been thinking recently whether Make Magazine’s cover will be as historic as the headline on the cover of Popular Electronics in January 1975 (pictured above). At the time only a handful of individuals had access to computers and the unique individuals who did grasped at the opportunity given to them and founded some of the biggest software companies of today. Is the same revolution on the precipice for the Makerbot? At first only ‘the geeks’ will dabble with such kits, but once it creates a niche buzz within that community these models will eventually become mainstream finding their way into homes across the world. A beast off machinery minimized for the individual, currently in infantile hardware state will the real revolution come from the software to be used alongside it?

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Typo London Conference 2011

The renowned Typo conference normally held in Berlin made it’s London premier hosting some of the most exceptional design and creative minds of our time. This was one event Skive could not afford to miss. Unfortunately it turned out that we had in fact missed the opportunity to get our hands on any tickets. As the end of a Typoless Thursday played out I vented my non-attending misery the only way I knew how – on Twitter. As I searched for the #Typo11 hash tag a fellow tweeter (twitterer?) had posted that she had a spare ticket to the conference. For that one moment in time I had the ability to compose a tweet in mere milliseconds. To my amazement I had actually scored tickets to the hottest design conference in town! A quick call to my MD Sean to explain that if I don’t attend the conference it would be a crime against Skive. Of course without hesitation Sean gave me the all clear to attend; Excitement ensued. Must take this opportunity to thank Cat Townsend and The Blank Sheet Project for the free ticket!

Below are only a few snippets of lectures I attended. Wish I could write about all the speakers I saw but alas I have very little time to write this! If you would like to know all the big shots that spoke at the conference you can check them out here: http://typolondon.com/index.php/Speakers;7/1

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